To create a global network of marketing professionals and business leaders seeking to create impactful change.


To empower marketing professionals everywhere to affect how businesses interact with the natural world and how they engage with customers on environmental responsibility.

The Momentum

We are a publication that brings together a community of creators, showcasing how both companies and people are learning to tackle the world’s biggest climate challenges head-on.

We amplify the voices of industry leaders seeking to grow their social and environmental consciousness through technology, innovation, fashion, food, and lifestyle.

By publishing stories of impact, we’ve curated an audience motivated by change. Whether movers or makers, we are working together to prioritize people and the planet.


Meet the core team of seasoned marketing professionals who have helped build and scale Fortune 500 companies—now on a mission to improve the world we live in by providing inspiration and information to a community for change.

Dave Winslow

Founder and CEO

Dave played a pivotal role in the growth of Google Analytics and later helped Dealer.com drive revenue 10X. Now he helps CMOs stay nimble and navigate the ever-changing market.

Chad Gennow

Chief Growth Officer

From large ad agencies and established media publishing companies to a startup media venture now owned by Hearst, Chad is an expert at scaling content efficiencies.

Dave Valentine

VP of Brand and Partnerships

With years of agency and publication experience, Dave bridges the vision of brand & creative with strategic partnerships for meaningful experiences that transcend momentum’s content.

Sofia Ricardo

Community Manager

Previously at Petco and in the B2B software world, Sofia’s digital, vendor and experiential marketing makes her a force for all things strategy and operations.

Dayana Sabatin

Content Producer

Formerly an operations coordinator at Yahoo!, Dayana is a content creator, thought leader and top Medium writer.

Valentina Scaife

Head of Sustainability

Valentina is an environmentalist and sustainability expert with experience in the green and humanitarian sectors.

Lailan Ghafur

Marketing Performance Manager

Born and raised in San Diego, Lailan Ghafur, is a marketing professional with over 8 years of experience. Previously, Lailan worked in various marketing roles at Hunter Industries and Fluidra. She graduated with honors from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Linguistics

Kelsey Thornton

Creative Services Manager

After over four years in the tech world as a Graphic Designer and Creative Services Director, Kelsey provides organizational structure with a creative eye.

Lauren Lee

Head of Marketing & Growth

From directing growth marketing campaigns and overseeing over 100+ accounts in San Diego, Lauren provides experience in both creative content strategy and data analytics. Previously serving as a primary asset in tech sales and as a Social Media Director, Lauren’s leadership and problem-solving abilities create a strong foundation for company growth.


Get to know the team setting a new standard for storytelling by connecting readers to the stories of people, places and products that are saving the world.

Staff Writers

Kiara Manns

Kiara is passionate about writing and publishing stories that engage readers for organizations that value access to information.

Danny Schleien

Danny Schleien is a freelance writer focusing on sustainability and environmental issues. When he's not in front of a screen, he enjoys hiking and spending time outdoors throughout the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Contributing Writers

  • Vicky Dillon
  • Shana Jones
  • Alexa Nizam
  • Lexy Farrell
  • Vianka Singh
  • Kassidy Wright
  • Sophia Rose Llewellyn
  • Lorenzo Boranti


Our offices are located throughout coastal California — home location is based in historic San Juan Capistrano where we focus on our collaborative mission. Reach out to connect with us and meet up at one of our collaboration spaces throughout California.

San Juan Capistrano


Known for its historic mission, this city along the Pacific Coast is a constant reminder of our own mission to save the planet.

San Diego

Makers Quarter

Near the heart of San Diego’s historic Gaslamp District and steps away from the city’s finest restaurants, bars, bakeries, cafes, breweries and shops.

Santa Monica

Media Hub

Located in the heart of Santa Monica, our Los Angeles office keeps us close to the media center of the world.

San Francisco

Creative Hub

There’s no better way to inspire making waves than working in the heart of San Francisco’s Waterfront community.