Meet The Content Creators Behind The Momentum

In the greenwashed world of sustainable living and environmental consciousness, there is a publication dedicated to telling the stories that matter. The Momentum, an online collection of sustainability stories, is composed of a rockstar team of eco-conscious and environmentally activist-esque individuals. Among them are two women of color with a refreshing passion for all things sustainability. Let's dive into the stories of Valentina Scaife, the publication's managing editor and lead journalist, and Alejandra Wormel, The Momentum’s social media and content marketer.

Valentina Scaife: Walking The Talk 

Valentina's journey into the realm of sustainability began in the confines of academia, while learning the trade of an anthropologist. Advancing to a Masters in International Law & Sustainable Development, her intellectual pursuits led her to the hallowed halls of the EU Parliament, where she delved into the world of climate solutions for Pacific Small Island Developing States. Valentina quickly realized her interests were beyond what theory, brick-and-mortar could provide. She dreamt vividly of a forest she’d never seen, and eventually bought a one way ticket to find it. Upon landing in Sabah, Borneo, amidst the lush rainforests and playful orangutans, she felt a profound connection to the forest, and it changed her life. 

A Western New York native, Valentina is a true adventurer at heart. Her zest for experiencing life is palpable, reflected not only in the content she creates and curates for The Momentum but also in her outspoken and comfortable manner. Valentina brings a unique blend of academic rigor and genuine passion to the publication, ensuring that every piece resonates with a commitment to people and the planet. 

Alejandra Wormel: Making Waves

Also known as Allie, Hana, Ale, or Al, Alejandra consistently advocates for environmental causes. Growing up in Puerto Rico, surrounded by the big blue, Allie developed a profound commitment to preserving her natural playground through the art of surfing. Her affinity for water extends beyond a mere preference; it embodies a deep dedication to safeguarding our oceans and their fragile ecosystems.

Allie is not just a creative force in the realm of content marketing and creation; she is also an avid outdoorswoman. As a dedicated surfer, kayaker, fisher, hiker, and forager, she finds solace and inspiration in nature. Now, as a mother she works diligently to pass the explorer and activist genes down to her boys.

Whether crafting captivating visuals or supporting compelling stories, Allie plays a pivotal role in shaping the publication's identity. Through her versatile talents and outdoor pursuits, she brings a unique perspective to environmental advocacy.

Nomadic Spirits: A Shared Lifestyle

Funny enough and purely coincidental, both Valentina and Allie have embraced a nomadic lifestyle. Valentina is a solo adventurer, living life internationally and on the road in her van, while Allie finds her nomadic bliss in a camper with her family. Their lifestyles serve as a living testament to their commitment to sustainable living. It's not just a job for them; it's a way of life.

Valentina and Allie are a dynamic duo steering The Momentum’s readers and followers towards a more sustainable and mindful future. Their stories, passions, and commitment to the environment infuse the publication with a warmth and authenticity that sets it apart. As you scroll through The Momentum’s content, remember that behind every article and social media post are two bad ass women, embracing diversity, nature, and the journey towards a brighter tomorrow.