Partner with momentum to leverage our community and drive new commerce to your business with customized content offerings.
Our AMPLIFY program provides businesses with unique content products to promote your brand, your products and your stories - all within the momentum ecosystem.

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momentum is a membership community for marketers interested in creating sustainable practices to build a better future.
Our published content covers ideas and trends through a marketing lens to further promote sustainability and inspire change.

our audience

We empower consumers, change makers and business leaders to center their communications and access communities that enable more precision, faster speed and greater accountability when making choices that impact the world we live in. We reach marketers in the US and beyond across all demographics with sustainable messaging - a highly lucrative audience that influences others like no other.


Our Media Amplification Factor (MAF) is a proprietary method and measurement framework that starts with content and amplifies it to audiences within our community and beyond. Our precision targeting enables us to share your story rapidly to drive new awareness across search, social and native mediums. We deliver the traffic back to your sponsored content on momentum and then deploy engagement techniques to bring new followers, new website traffic or new online sales directly to your business.


Gain more awareness of your brand, your products and your story. Our sponsored offerings range from custom-written articles, to a profile page about your business to podcasts and more. Scroll down to learn more about opportunities to AMPLIFY your business.

brand & business

Our Brand & Business solutions help expose your business to our readers and get noticed. Get a Business Listing to showcase your business in our directory or enhance your presence with a Brand Profile that dives deeper into your unique value and offerings. For businesses seeking a more strategic collaboration with our momentum team, we offer Growth Sessions that open access to our team to hone your marketing activities.


A dedicated listing page with your company's vital information.

The Business Listing features meaningful business information and custom content momentum publishes for you
— all of your business information in one location and viewable in our directory.



A comprehensive summary of your company’s brand, position, and product offering.

Our writers highlight your unique position in the sustainability market and demonstrate your value proposition. Showcase your brand to the momentum audience.



Monthly strategy sessions with our growth team to help solve your organization's marketing challenges.

The outcome of this meeting (one 8-hour day or four 2-hour days) will be a detailed action plan and clearly defined next steps that your team can easily execute.

momentum is committed to partnering with brands built on sustainability and businesses moving towards a more sustainable future. Our unique marketing and media programs provide awareness and performance to deliver tangible results to your business.
Dave Winslow
Founder, momentum

sponsored content

Content creation is critical for businesses today more than ever. Custom content written and produced for your business by momentum's editorial team—Highlight your products and services or create a feature story. Accelerate visibility with included amplification through our audience channels to drive targeted people to your content.


Collaborate with the momentum editorial team and we will write an article featuring your business attributes, product or service offering or an aspect of your business that is unique in the market.
Starting at 750 words per article.



Set impactful context around your business, tell consumers where you fit into your industry, and narrate a story about your offerings. Our editorial team researches a topical storyline and crafts a unique and engaging feature that includes additional photography or infographics.
Starting at 2,500 words per story.



Join the momentum podcast series "The Daves' Dive" who will host one of your team members for an interview or spotlight your product or service. The podcast will capture video and audio formats that will be promoted to our momentum audience and integrate any products or services that are highlighted on the show.
Starting at 30 minutes.

At Clean Ocean Designs we are hyper focused on building a new generation of sustainable products that reach the coastal lifestyle consumer. The momentum team provided us a with a partnership to reach this audience directly and leverage their media capabilities to expand our target.
Oliver Parker
Founder, Clean Ocean Designs

social + Creative

Maximize your social efforts by letting our team of experts craft custom creative on our social channels to showcase your brand, products and more. Our Social + Creative offering augments your team's resources and capabilities to provide rapid creative execution with the ability to publish through our social media channels that reach a highly targeted and engaged audience.

social posts

Our Social + Creative team creates a Custom Social Post of content that will have the maximum effect on generating engagement of your brand, product, or service. The post will follow one of our editorial categories and add in a customized layer of creative specific to your brand.

$150/social post

social stories

Beyond a single post, a Custom Social Story builds on a series weaved together into a single story format including photography, copy, and other visual elements. Our team will create a unique story creatively customized to your brand.

$600/social story

social videos

Leveraging the impact of video storytelling on social media, our team captures and creates a short-form video to share on our social channels. Our team will create a unique short story resulting in an impactful video to visualize your brand, product or service. Up to 90 seconds.

$1,200/social video
Social media has quickly taken a front seat to other, more traditional ways of receiving information – and the trend shows no sign of slowing down. If sustainability messages seek to reach specific audiences, it stands to reason that those messages should be communicated through the audiences' preferred channels.

audience amplification

When your business needs to drive even more attention to your brand, product or story, we can increase the amplification of it with highly target media. Our additional amplification offering reaches and delivers more people across more platforms to gain the maximum exposure for your business. All in a simple way to understand.


Reach 75 People

Leverage the momentum audience

Best for momentum articles and business listings

Paid promotion on Instagram or Twitter



Reach 450 People

Leverage the momentum audience

Best for momentum brand profiles and multiples articles

Paid promotion on Google, Instagram, or Twitter



Reach 900 People

Leverage the momentum audience

Best for momentum stories and podcasts

Paid promotion on Instagram, Twitter, Google, or LinkedIn

Paid media is an integral pillar of any successful digital marketing strategy. By reaching your target customers on the third-party platforms where they spend their time online, you increase brand awareness, engage audiences where they are most receptive, and ultimately drive more sales and revenue.