Natural wine is a process that avoids adding anything or removing anything throughout the winemaking process.

Natural wine is slowly transitioning from an unheard-of concept to a mainstream topic. While many wineries are moving in that direction, there is still a lot of confusion about natural wine and how it differs from organic, biodynamic and vegan wine. What exactly is natural wine, and why is it becoming a trend?

When it comes to the key features of natural wine, it is centered on the process of how the wine is made. How the grapes are treated in the vineyard and in the cellar determines whether a wine is considered natural or not.

In the vineyard, wineries are required to use organic and biodynamic practices to ensure there are no synthetic sprays used on the grapes. In the cellar, the wines have to be left to ferment naturally, without the winemaker's influence. This means that the grapes have to depend on their natural yeast to ferment. It also means that no chemicals, preservatives, or acids can be added. And at the end of the process, the wine is not filtered or fined, which results in a hazy, unclear wine.

The concept of natural means that nothing is added or taken away. The wine is as it would naturally be.