“I guess I consider myself a dot connector for the most part. Just working with a bunch of great musicians and artists and collaborators. I guess [a] curator, designer, [I’m] not really an artist anymore, but just kind of working with a bunch of amazing artists.” 

Adler first started his art career as an illustrator in Iowa, but found himself being called back to the West Coast shortly after. Now, in an industry among thousands of other aspiring illustrators and artists, Adler had to set himself apart from the rest–and he did just that. 

With over 25 years of experience in the art industry, Charles Adler has co-curated, self-curated, installed, designed, and photographed for dozens of galleries, festivals, live auctions, fundraising events, touring art shows, commercial buildings, and apparel brands. Adler is "passionate about giving the artist and artwork the space to understand its intention and overall vibe while also creating an enriching artistic experience for the audience.”