Candles are a common feature in many homes. In fact, 7 out of 10 U.S. households have them, and the majority of people burn them 1-3 times per week. 

Candles are popular for a good reason – they’re not just a source of light; they’re an integral part of setting up an ambiance for coziness. But not all candles are made equal. Many conventional candles contain paraffin wax, a hydrocarbon mixture that produces dangerous fumes. Research shows that exposure to these particles can cause greater damage than the same dose of diesel exhaust fumes.

They also contain synthetic fragrances such as phthalates which have been linked to negative health effects, including hormone disruption, cancer, and more. Moreover, the core of candle wicks may contain lead! It’s used as a stiffening agent to keep the wick out of the molten wax.

Thankfully, more candle brands are shifting to plant-based and nontoxic candle blends. These natural candles are cleaner, have longer burn times, and are safer for your home and the planet.

We’ve picked 5 of the best natural and nontoxic candles to keep your home smelling cozy all season!