“I’m very much interested in the ever-shifting nature of our worlds, and I’m very drawn to places where that’s very evident.” - Kelly Berg

Blossoming at the heart of art in Laguna Beach at the Laguna Art Museum, then traveling throughout the community to land at the Coast Film and Music Festival, the Pyramidion exhibit by Kelly Berg has been a beautiful transition to witness. 

Growing up with a passion for art and nature, Kelly Berg is now an up and coming renowned Los Angeles-based artist. Berg first took a step into the art industry when her interest in archaeology was ignited by a trip to Europe in 2008. Upon seeing magnificent structures, tombs, roads and walls all constructed centuries ago with minimal materials, her passion to recreate those sites took flight. Painting with strong lines and energy, her art showcases the chaos that is in nature and defines it through bright colors and shapes. Traveling around the world, Berg has accumulated a multitude of skills and appreciation for the natural world, bringing those characteristics into her own artwork – dedicated to show what she has physically seen. 

With a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design, years of her artwork is displayed in museums, venues, halls and events across Los Angeles, and having an artist-in-residence at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, California, Berg has developed a strong name and career for herself. Residing in Los Angeles where she maintains a studio, Berg has now traveled south to Laguna Beach to share her unique creativity with the community.  

The Laguna Art Museum housed her newest work and exhibit – Pyramidion.