Hosted by Dana Frankoff, Richard Yelland, Jeffrey Cavallaro and Wyatt Shipp - the Emerging Filmmaker Student Film Program held at the Coast Film and Music Festival showcased many inspirational ideas. Students from the Southern Orange County area submitted their completed work – self written, directed, edited and produced. These students ranging from grades 7-12 have a passion for film and storytelling - whether in a film, editing, media or animation class, these students brought their visions to life on the screen. They were given assignments by their film teachers to create something of passion and that showcases their growing cinematography skills. 

The Coast Film and Music Festival held in Laguna Beach created this program because they believe the best way to gain success and become an expert at driving passion is from a young age. Being able to create, design and brainstorm at a young age will sculpt said youth into a forceful talent - it's also a way for them to speak about current issues they believe in. Young voices are important and should be heard tenfold.