Learn about the Founder & CEO of Sustainable Ocean Alliance.

While humans tend to stay on land for most of their lives, the reality is that oceans cover over 70% of the earth’s surface. Our oceans are so big and full of life that everything we’ve ever explored has only been about 5% of the total that’s out there. In summary, oceans are already amazing, and there is much more to uncover.

But the health of the earth’s oceans is declining. As the impacts of climate change increase, the majority of these are actually felt in the ocean. The huge area it covers absorbs too much of the heat that is sent our way, its waters are polluted by human waste and plastics, and it has been severely overfished. It’s absolutely essential we keep our oceans healthy, as the waters and marine ecosystems are essential to mitigating our warming climate.

Daniela Fernandez knew this and began to act when she was just 19. After forming the Sustainable Ocean Alliance, she has helped create solutions to heal the oceans, help others succeed in their sustainable ideas, and has been awarded several well-deserved awards. Let’s dive into the great work that Daniela has accomplished.