Erin Meezan is a sustainability creative and innovator who is the Chief Sustainability Officer at Interface. With a career focused on leading sustainability initiatives at one of the world's pioneering companies. We are going to examine the key marketing takeaways from her career at Interface.

Interface are leaders in the flooring industry and offer an eco-friendly range of carpet tiles, LVT, and Nora rubber. The founder, Ray C Anderson, aimed to build a company that reduced the negative impact on the environment and made sustainability a key part of the company's strategy in 1994 when the company was created.

Interface has created a new mission named the Climate Take Back strategy. This is their commitment to running a business that creates a climate solution and overcomes the biggest challenges facing humanity. Their goal is to restore the planet and leave a positive impact. Continue to read about how Erin applied her creativity and passion for sustainability to this unique industry.