A Profile on sustainability senior director at Pepsi.

Ewelina Samchalk is a strategic business development manager with years of experience in strategy, transformation, and finance across various global industries. She once served as the Sustainability Senior Director at PepsiCo and currently works with Pernod and Ricard as the Vice President, Strategic business integration and governance. She has also worked with companies like General Electric and NBCU in the past.

Ewelina Samchalk is passionate about driving transformational growth and sustainability. She was recognized by Forbes in 2018 as a sustainability expert, having led the launching of PepsiCo's sustainability agenda. She also won the CRS Professional of the Year by PR News' CSR Awards in 2017. Her reputation for transforming financial performance and maximizing investments precedes her.

Playing important roles in the global market space is what Ewelina sets out to help her company achieve every time. Some key areas that she critically drives include;