As an inspiring farm that is focused on minorities and food justice, this is a look into this amazing place that helps black women and queer farmers make the world a better place known at Fennigan's Farms. 

Farming is something that developed thousands of years ago as humans began to control, grow, and domesticate plants and animals. This led to food security that was never seen before. Crops could be grown reliably, protein was plentiful, and the harsh hunting and gathering faded away into a thing of the past. Now, farming is so plentiful that it takes up about half of the total land in the U.S.  

Each farm focuses on different crops or animals and provides a part of the whole food system that we've developed. Yet the current food systems of our world are still filled with injustices. People continue to live in poverty and remain malnourished in all countries of the world. Yet Fennigan's Farms is doing its part to change things for the better. Let's take a closer look at how Fennigan's came to be and why they're a leader in food justice and inclusiveness within the agriculture industry.