A profile on Ron Finley and his sustainability efforts.

Food deserts are areas where there is extremely limited access to nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables. These are typically in areas that are home to minorities and make it tough to find affordable and healthy food. 17-24 million people are living in food deserts in the United States.

These food deserts are most commonly found in low-income areas, often with much of the population not owning a car. While theoretically taking several buses and trains just to get healthy foods is possible, it’s not sustainable nor fair. In areas that are outside of major cities, access to public transportation is a lot more limited or may not exist at all, creating an even bigger barrier to the basic human right of health and nourishment.

Ron Finley was living in one of these food deserts in South-Central Los Angeles when he decided to think outside the box, take action, and do something to make impactful change. Eventually, this action led to the creation of the Ron Finley Project. Let’s take a look at what Ron Finley did and how he has been able to change gardening for good.