Rasheena Fountain is an environmental and human rights activist. As a gifted writer, Fountain uses her writing pieces, from essays and poems, to spark conversations about society and the natural world. 

Fountain has partnered with many environmental organizations and human rights campaigns to further her message of unity and preservation.

Who is Rasheena Fountain?

Rasheena Fountain is a well-renowned artist in crafting poems and essays with vast experience in her niche. Fountain hails from the west side of Chicago, but she is currently a resident of Seattle. Fountain’s niche includes support for the Black community, land use, environmental justice, decolonization, and Black environmental memory. 

The above-aforementioned niche in which Rasheena Fountain specializes explains how she connects with current issues within society. Her experience on the west side of Chicago and Central Illinois has shaped her view on the natural world and its inhabitants. 

Rasheena observations of the natural world and human society have led her to pursue and complete an Urban Environmental Education master’s degree from Antioch University in 2017. She is currently finishing her MFA in Creative Writing, where she researches and writes essay collections about Black land relationships, Indigeneity, displacement, geography, queerness, and other societal complexes.

In the fall, she will be a MA/Ph.D. student in English on the literature and culture track, deepening her research in these areas and continuing to widen the environmental memory landscape.