Near the small beach town of Pichilemu, Chile, lies one of the world’s greatest forces of nature. Punta de Lobos, a left-handed point break, isn’t just a popular local surf spot — it’s one of the most notorious big wave spots in the world. Thanks to generous southwest swells, the coast of Chile is the impact zone for consistently monstrous slabs of water, guided towards the point break by the Pacific Ocean’s Humboldt Current. Punta de Lobos has gained acclaim in recent years as a go-to spot for both Chilean surfing legends like Ramón Navarro and international swell-chasers like Californian Greg Long. 

Although these two prominent watermen were familiar due to the close-knit nature of the big wave surfing world, their friendship dates back to a month spent chasing big waves in Cape Town, South Africa. It was in 2005 at the infamously huge wave break, Dungeons, that Long and Navarro bonded over their love of adventure and seeking the most thrilling waves that the world has to offer. In the years since, Long and Navarro would grow closer as they traveled the world in search of the most epic surf breaks, ultimately ending up right back in Navarro’s hometown, which happens to be the small seaside village of Pichilemu.