Learn why the slow food movement and sustainable food practices are so crucial to our everyday lives.

As a global movement taking the world by a storm, the slow food movement is encouraging people all over the globe to avoid eating fast food and turn to locally sourced, whole foods instead.

This initiative explores nutrition, environmental friendliness, and cultural preservation.

You could argue that the food involved in this movement is incredibly sustainable, meaning its impact on our planet doesn’t just concern the food itself. It also considers other factors such as production, distribution, packaging, and consumption.

Furthermore, the transportation of food plays a tremendous role in food’s overall impact on our world. Food miles relate to how far goods have traveled to reach their final destination, meaning that you’ll want to buy local foods since they will have crossed the fewest miles compared to mass-produced goods. With sustainability in mind, we must also consider many other factors. Think about animal agriculture, social effects, and economic impacts. Everything operates to affect our planet negatively or positively.