In America, shoppers are led to feel like they have access to nearly any food at any time of year in our grocery stores. No need to wait for the season to change to get a crisp Granny Smith apple–immediate gratification is always at the tip of your fingers. 

But the American grocery store is a false front that sways the human diet towards 30 plant species. What it fails to acknowledge is the beauty of the Earth’s plant varieties. There are nearly 30,000 edible species hidden across the globe. Do the math–our diet and what's available to the consumer equates to a whopping 0.1% of accessible edible plant varieties. 

The conscious consumer is slowly peeling back the layers of sustainable plant-based diets, starting with unlocking the potential of those 30,000 edible plants and the benefit of local farms to provide an assortment of seasonal, nutrient-rich produce. Fortunately, many are choosing to shift to life patterns that reduce our impact on the planet and improve our health at the same time.