Hemp’s history of being utilized as a fiber actually spans back thousands of years, touching almost every continent on the globe. It has often been used in ropes, sails, and garments, with rumors suggesting that the word ‘canvas’ actually came from the word ‘cannabis’.

This type of material is a bast fiber, meaning that it is one of several natural fibers deriving from plant stems like jute, flax, and stinging nettle. Hemp fabric has multiple natural benefits. For example, it can keep wearers cool in the summer, snug in the winter, and can protect you from the sun’s UV rays. The fibers made from pure hemp imitate linen in texture. Moreover, it can be mixed with other natural fibers to generate fabrics with hemp’s durability and the advantages of different materials, such as bamboo or cotton’s softness.

So, what else do you need to know about hemp and how does it differ from other natural fibers on the market? Also, you might be wondering why it is actually sustainable. Read on to find out more.