Benefits link clearly with red wine’s key ingredient, resveratrol, which, as a natural antioxidant, reduces both oxidative stress and inflammation.

Red wine has long been around on countless occasions throughout history, including cultural, religious, and social celebrations. In medieval times, it was sometimes believed that people lived longer if they regularly drank red wine in moderation. This belief has been partly revived by scientists, who have started to uncover the true benefits of drinking this product. So, is red wine healthy? Read on to find out more.

While alcohol is not firstly thought of as being healthy, red wine could extract some health benefits from its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and lipid-regulating effects. Constructed from dark grapes, red wine includes a moderately rich amount of resveratrol. Resveratrol, which comes from the grapes’ skin, is a natural antioxidant that could reduce the oxidative stress in our bodies. In turn, this could help us tackle several diseases and problems. Let’s take a look at some.