An electric aerospace company called Beta Technologies has been working to create a network of chargers that will have the ability to power small electric planes and ground-based electric vehicles.

This impeccable technology is still in its early stages; however, Beta is also launching an app to get pilots and drivers to its chargers.

The current version of the app will provide just enough information for users to find a charger and start a session. 

Chip Palombini, head of products for the company, says the goal is to "build it out in response to customer need." 

There are currently two prototype planes still in the testing stage, and the company plans to seek Federal Aviation Administration certification by 2024

The way that it works is that the planes use "electric vertical takeoff and landing" technology, which therefore removes the need for seeking out a landing strip and has a range of up to nearly 290 miles. 

The company says their planes will be able to carry 1,400 pounds of cargo or up to six passengers. 

At the moment, UPS, Air Force, and United Therapeutics have purchase agreements with Beta.

In total, Beta raised $743 million in funding, all of which came from incredibly heavy hitters like Amazon. 

Despite there being many hurdles on the horizon for electric aviation, more major shipping companies are starting to lean towards a future in which technology plays a role in transporting goods.