The plastic production industry is starting to realize they have a lot of work to do, and many businesses are looking at ways to incorporate sustainability into their operations. Covestro, a plastic producing company, is one that is taking on the challenge.

Roy Cheung, Global Head of Sustainability Solutions at Covestro, addressed several of the issues that are caused by plastic usage, and he also shared how Covestro is managing its waste and addition to that, is following a circular approach in order to bring plastics back into the manufacturing process. 

"80% of the circular model can be contributed with material-related strategies," says Cheung. 

Essentially, Cheung and the rest of the team at Covestro are focusing on material recirculation to product material efficiency, and Covestro's materials have served various industries over the years, including construction, automotive industry, and electronics. 

"The electronics industry and also more and more in the mobility industry, these are very typical industries, first of all, that we serve and, second of all, have more and more questions and willingness to talk to a very upstream supplier like ourselves to think about either circular solutions or models." - Roy Cheung.