NTT, the world leader in providing technology as well as business solutions, has published a global sustainability survey that identified how business practices can advance sustainability goals. 

The survey found that over 40% of companies experience significantly higher profitability due to sustainability programs. This discovery has proved that sustainability programs and businesses can go hand in hand to deliver bigger and better financial results. 

Additionally, of the 500 companies that were surveyed, nearly 70% stated that their top priority is building a sustainable future, and nearly 50% said that Covid-19 escalated the importance of their sustainability goals.

"As the global population refocuses its attention on the health and wellbeing of people and the planet, we have seen a renewed commitment from organizations to implement and advance sustainable business practices. At the same time, the health of people versus the health of profits is not an either-or-decision; sustainability and profitability are becoming mutually reliant," said Vito Mabrucco, Head of Global Marketing at NTT

NTT has outlined a few best practices to help organizations achieve their sustainability goals. 

  • Utilize digital innovation and integrate sustainability into all aspects of the business. 
  • Establish collaborative partnerships of shared sustainability objectives.
  • Build the foundation for excellence in sustainability.