The Consumer Goods Forum is the only CEO-led organization that brings consumer goods retailers and manufacturers together globally.

Their members have been working tirelessly to ensure that vital goods continue to move along supply chains and onto retailers' shelves. 

Additionally, they're striving to protect the health and well-being of their customers and employees while making progress on tackling major issues such as plastic waste and deforestation. 

While massive strides have been made in accelerating positive action, we have to challenge ourselves collectively to go further. 

If the world plans to meet the goals of The Paris Agreement – which is to reduce global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels and keep the Earth habitable – we have to do more. 

The role of business leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs in generating positive solutions has never been more important. Collaboration is key.

Consumers, employees, investors, and partners reward businesses that do the right thing, so if businesses fail to act out their parts, they will get left behind.

Profound change is already underway, especially with all of the extreme weather patterns, soaring temperatures, flooding events, and sea levels on the rise – alongside a cost of living crisis that has been putting significant pressure on communities. 

Society's urgent global problems can't be solved by government, non-profits, or citizens alone. Every company has to step up, and this can only be done by working together to do more, ensuring better lives through better business.