Honeywell has made a public announcement that its sustainable refrigerant technology is supporting a new cooling system at the Eiffel Tower.

This particular installation is providing a greener solution for the landmark's west pillar, which is home to a souvenir shop, a hydraulic lift that ascends 300 meters to sweeping views over the city and the Visitor Information Center.

Honeywell says its Solstice ze ultra-low-global warming potential refrigerant is cost effective and more importantly both energy efficient.

This new cooling system has replaced the tower’s old, legacy apparatus and it is a part of a much bigger mission to meet the EU regulations and reduce the tower’s carbon footprint.

The eiffel tower is one of many major global landmarks that has seen a sustainable retrofit as part of a global drive for sustainability within buildings.

The system is utilizing Honeywell's hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) technology, which helps customers meet environmental, social and governance goals without sacrificing performance.