Back in 2020, Copenhagen Fashion Week unveiled their 2020 to 2022 Sustainability Action Plan for their future fashion shows, introducing a set of requirements and standards that all scheduled shows must conform to. In order to be placed in the January and February 2023 shows, applicants need to meet the requirements.

The minimum standards include six focus sections and 18 action points –strategic direction, designs, smart material choices, working conditions, consumer engagement, and the logistics of the show itself. The shows will now include diversity and equality within the management sector, and the work space will be all inclusive, and strictly be free from harassment and discrimination. The venue will have a zero waste show, eliminate the use of plastic products and utensils, and offer recycling stations.

On the more sustainability side, the clothes not used in the show or sold in the store will instead be refurbished for future collections. The plan also states that about 50% of the designed clothing collection will contain recycled, upcycled, or sustainable materials, as well as fur-free.

According to the 2022 Annual Sustainability Report, 35 out of the 37 targets were met within the past three years, reaching new milestones in the world of fashion. The report displays the execution and status of each proposed goal - whether completed or not reached - allowing for a deeper focus into certain areas in the upcoming years. The report also states that in the 2019 edition of fashion week, 45 tonnes of CO2 were measured and since then, Climaider has worked to reduce that amount significantly. Climaider is a certified standard carbon offset provider located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The report states significant emission cuts at the events-

  • Catering has been reduced by 77% due to only serving vegetarian and vegan options.
  • Electric shuttles for transportation to the event cut down 100%.
  • Decrease in printed materials cut 55%.
  • Excluding the production of merchandise cut 100%.

The Copenhagen Fashion Week in collaboration with Climaider continues to work towards there goals in sustainability, with focus in a reduction of emissions in travel and replacing existing services with more climate-friendly alternatives.