More and more pressure is mounting upon the aviation industry, which is why Delta Airlines is moving towards a more sustainable fuel option. 

Two years ago, Delta Airlines retired over 200 aircraft and replaced them with aircraft that was 25% more fuel-efficient.

Delta’s goal is to replace 10% of its jet fuel refined from fossil fuel to sustainable aviation fuel by the end of 2030. 

The company has also announced their partnership with DG Fuels, in order to expand the availability of sustainable fuel, with a new low-emissions SAF. This is critical to achieving a more sustainable future for aviation. 

Under the new agreement, the low-emissions fuel company plans to establish a new SAF supply stream that could provide Delta with 385 million gallons of unblended sustainable aviation fuel.

“Achieving a sustainable future for travel will require us all to work together across industries and encourage innovations like DG Fuel’s new low-emissions SAF option. SAF is essential to our industry’s more sustainable future, and new supply chain streams will help ensure sustainable fuel becomes more available and affordable,” said Pam Fletcher, Delta’s Chief Sustainability Officer.