easyJet has made a commitment to improving their overall environmental impact after receiving stage 2 certification in the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Environmental Assessment program, otherwise known as IEnvA.

A voluntary program, the IEnvA is a globally recognized evaluation system that is specially designed to independently assess and help improve the environmental performance of an airline, and it is closely aligned with the international standard for the environmental management system ISO 14001. 

"I am especially pleased that easyJet has partnered with IATA and trusts us to work with them to further improve their environmental management practices. easyJet's recent full IEnvA Certification bears witness to a solid commitment to achieving environmental sustainability," said Sebastian Mikosz, IATA Senior Vice President, Environment and Sustainability. 

"Environmental sustainability is an existential challenge for the entire airline industry. IATA is proud to work with its member airlines, but also non-member airlines, to introduce world-class environmental management practices to the aviation industry." - Sebastian Mikosz

easyJet has already eliminated over 36 million single-use plastic items used on their its flights. Additionally, their new crew uniforms are made from recycled plastic bottles, with around 45 bottles going into each outfit. Ultimately that has the potential to prevent 2.7 million plastic bottles from ending up in landfill or in oceans over the next five years.