Inflated prices for agricultural inputs and the demand for labor will be driving forces in 2022; here are a couple of topics to note:


The carbon credit market is gaining more and more interest with co-ops and companies like Cargill, which are offering programs to help farmers find new forms of revenue. There's also another ongoing development for the world's biggest carbon capture pipeline, the Midwest Carbon Express. 

Iowa-based Summit Carbon Solutions is planning a pipeline to connect 31 ethanol plants in five different states to store carbon in western North Dakota and sell the fuel at a premium on the low-carbon market.


COVID-19 is continuing to play a role within the supply chain disruptions as well as international travel.

Some Midwest farms are having to rely on workers from South Africa and other countries, so when a new variant pops up, like Omicron did in South Africa, the effect is being felt here.


Local efforts are being made to promote smaller meat lockers and direct marketing of meat to consumers. The hog industry has remained on the defensive against African swine fever, while BSE or bovine spongiform encephalopathy cases in cattle in Brazil are getting attention. Methane from cattle continues to be in the bullseye for environmentalists.