Ghana is the second-largest cocoa exporter in the entire world.

Old plantations have been dying, and increased droughts have made life extremely difficult for cocoa planters.

However, a Dutch NGO is helping them to develop sustainable farming methods.

The target will be to push the country’s cocoa production from the current 250,000 metric tons to over 500,000 metric tons within the next two years whilst still providing some of the best and finest cocoa premium quality in the world.

National President Comrade Adeola Adegoke stated the association would be setting up a task force and monitoring things to ensure smallholder farmers follow the required standards.

“This will be done particularly on the safe use and application of pesticide, child labor free, prevention of deforestation, putting traceability in place, having sustainable ecosystem and good quality cocoa in general,” he added.

Furthermore, he said cocoa would be produced in a sustainable path where the ecosystem would be sustainably and environmentally preserved.