Food Well Alliance, a collaborative network striving to build equitable local food systems by providing resources to local growers and engaging in policy, is hosting the 7th annual Soil Festival on May 7, 11 a.m. at TLW’s urban farm in West Atlanta.

Everyone in attendance will be able to connect with the cycle of locally grown food through workshops, cooking demos, kids’ activities, and much more. 

“What excites me most is teaching people who haven’t planted before or showing them how easy it is to compost at home,” said Carol Hunter, the Executive Director. 

“We are here to teach people to grow their own food for self-sufficiency, health, and helping the environment.” - Carol Hunter

Everyone in Atlanta is eager to gather again and engage with local growers.

“We had over 400 people come out to buy trees and sample food and teas made with local fruit. For us, it’s really about bringing the community together, and local food is the tool for that,” said Kate Conner, FWA Executive Director.

Working with various partners, FWA is offering numerous resources like tools, mechanical support, labor support, volunteers, compost, and funding. All of the fruit tree sales proceeds were donated and as a result, the coalition planted 18 new orchards that will donate a specific amount of fruit to those in need.

“Collaboration and partnership to support this movement is huge to us. Our role is bringing the resources together under one umbrella.”- Kate Conner.