In big news, Makers Mark has received their B Corporation certification, highlighting themselves as one of the most sustainable distillers in the world as they've followed the global movement.

Maker’s Mark is a small-batch bourbon whisky brand that is recognized for its unique bottles and refined taste. 

The handmade bourbon was created in 1953, and they have continued their journey toward greatness ever since. 

The whisky is produced in smaller batches, utilizing soft red winter wheat to bring out its sweetness and softness. The barrels are rotated by hand to create a consistent and notable taste every time. 

Beam Suntory, the owner of the brand, says they now operate the largest distillery in the world that has received a B Corporation Certification, recognizing the company and the brand for their sustainability endeavors. 

The achievement is one that completes the brand with a mission to "Make Your Mark. Leave No Trace". As the distillery was able to meet the rigorous B Corp standards, it has now been formally recognized following its development of community, customers, environment, governance, and workers.