While meat-free solutions are critical in fighting climate change,  60% of plant-based consumers are now looking to purchase less-processed alternatives.

A rising tide of entrepreneurs are now focusing on whole-plant solutions. 

Whole-plant foods use minimal processing, prioritize whole plants as an ingredient base, and can even be more nutritionally superior to the current animal protein alternatives. 

Jack & Annie’s founder and CEO Annie Ryu says, 

“Many consumers are looking to consume plants when they explore this category, and they are not getting that. We fill the gap and offer a whole plant-based meat alternatives such as jackfruit. Jackfruit is the meatiest plant out there, and its consistency makes it special; it is sinuous, just like meat. We are here to show that eating jackfruit can be as satisfying as chicken and pork.” 

Other options include Akua; a company focused on kelp products, including a kelp-based burger, kelp jerky, and more.