More and more people are beginning to understand that our oceans are in serious trouble. Documentaries like Chasing the Thunder highlights the dangerous environmental and human costs of illegal fishing.

According to a British Columbia-based marine biologist, "sustainable is not a reliable term anymore," primarily when it comes to seafood.

The Yale Center for Environmental Communication can confirm that aquaculture has not been the salvation everyone had hoped for, especially considering farmed tilapia and catfish combined cause relatively the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions as beef.

Enter plant-based seafood, which has seen a 23% boost in sales in the last few years, and continues to grow. The options are impressive both in taste and texture; all could be considered ocean-inspired products and don't have the fishiness often associated with the real thing.

There's fish-free tuna and crab cakes from Good Catch and very convincing shrimp from The Plant-Based Seafood Company. And look out for cellular-based (that means lab-grown, not plant-based) sushi-grade fish this year — Wild Type is getting close to launching their salmon.