News stories of lab grown meats hit the headlines every month, with promising breakthroughs becoming a frequent occurrence. The technology for this emerging industry is rapidly advancing, making commercial feasibility a nearer and nearer goalpost. While various technology and meat companies are dabbling in the sector, the real leaders have already invested substantial resources into cultivated meats from its very conception. Among them is Atelier Meats Corp, a biotechnology company that has completely devoted its operations to making their cultivated meats a commercial success. 

Making a great stride in this development race, Atelier has just announced its partnership with Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. This partnership aims to learn more about the field of cultivated meats and help refine the technology well enough to get it into the markets. In addition to aiding in the technological aspect of production, Rutgers will also contribute to the research and development of better techniques to grow the meat itself. Atelier will bring their resources, including their experience and production capacity, to the university, while Rutgers will introduce their unique expertise. 

Dr. Joseph W. Freeman and Dr. Yong Mao of Rutgers, chemical engineering and biochemistry scientists respectively, will lead the partnership. Although the scientific implications of the field are quite exciting, the strides it could make in sustainability will also be substantial. A host of ecologically unfriendly practices permeate the current meat industry, including the production of unsustainable amounts of greenhouse gasses, environmental destruction, and pollution. With advancements in cultivated meat manufacturing, we may soon be able to start phasing out this massive industry.