It's important to choose eco-friendly, nontoxic cookware because not only is making that choice smarter for your own personal health, but it's significantly better for the environment. 

Traditional nonstick coatings come with toxic and harmful materials like lead, cadmium, toxic metals, and other substances like PFAs.

This is where Our Place comes in, a modern cookware company that has been redefining how we think about family meals without the toxic materials that typically come with traditional nonstick cookware. 

Our Place uses responsible materials and ethical labor. They're also known for their revolutionary 8-in-1 products like the Always Pan and the Perfect Pot. 

Carbon dioxide causes greenhouse gasses, and carbon neutrality can only be achieved when there is a state of net-zero carbon dioxide emission. So, the best way for companies to reduce their footprint is by removing as much carbon dioxide as they're producing.

When Our Place produces their products, everything is created with the health of the earth in mind, and their entire philosophy is rooted in sustainability, so if you're looking for sustainable and clean cookware, check out Our Place.