While plant-based and animal-free dairy products have become all the rage as of recently, most Americans still drink cow's milk, which is why Neutral Foods decided to provide consumers a more environmentally-friendly option, and thus, Carbon Neutral Organic Milk was born.

After a successful launch at Whole Foods, Neutral Foods closed a round of funding from celebrities such as John Legend and LeBron James. 

"If you think about climate change, you need to meet Americans where they're at, and where they're at is with animal proteins," says Marcus Lovell Smith, chief executive officer at Neutral Foods, who also has a background in dairy farming and is currently in residence at Harvard.

Neutral Foods has products on shelves in approximately 700 stores now, including Whole Foods, Imperfect Foods, Sprouts, Bristol Farms, and Erewhon. 

Lifecycle analyses of dairy milk has shown that the majority of greenhouse gas emissions are generated on farms, and Neutral Foods is working directly with dairy farmers to reduce those emissions.

"We've had a fantastic response from consumers, and they're often asking, so what's next? There is a future where we will see carbon-neutral food aisles or blocks of carbon-neutral products. But I don't think we've even really started telling our story yet, and that's really the core of this company, trying to make this connection between consumers and farmers in a very visceral way." - Marcus Lovell Smith.