Ekaterra, the world's biggest tea company which was founded in 2021 but with a history of over 150 years, has appointed Nathalie Roos as its Chief Executive Officer. 

Ekaterra has a portfolio of over 30 brands of teas, such as Pukka, T2, and Tazo, generating an annual revenue of nearly $2 billion. 

Ekaterra claims to be the biggest tea business worlwide, with 11 production factories in four continents and tea estates in three countries; ekaterra is "growing a world of wellbeing through the regenerative power of plants."  

The popularity of tea has been growing significantly over recent years as more people become health conscious. Additionally, amongst a few of Ekaterra's younger brands, Pukka is B-Corp certified. 

With the appointing of Nathalie Roos, Ekaterra is entering a new phase of sustainable development. 

"Tea holds an extraordinary role in societies around the world, steeped in tradition, culture, and community spirit. It also has an incredible power to evolve and always be relevant to the times. ekaterra's future will embody these elements, too, alongside ambitious plans to become a leader in sustainable tea production, farming, and distribution methods, and also as a supporter of the communities in which we operate. Tea is an exciting growth category. As consumers seek out the health benefits of antioxidant-rich teas, they are also passionate about supporting businesses that are committed to improving the natural environment and supporting their employees," says Nathalie Roos.