The HOYER Group is one of the leading international providers of logistics solutions for liquid goods.

Within the chemical, gas, foodstuff, and petroleum product sectors, HOYER has been providing one of the best solutions for whatever needs customers have.

Allan Davison, the Executive Director for the Gas and Petroleum Logistics business unit within the HOYER Group, says that HOYER's biggest advantage is that the company has a global network and strong regional setup for modular services running along its whole logistics supply chain.

"Our core competence is transport logistics with the highest standards of quality and safety, with Safety and Sustainability being some of the core values of our company," explains Davison.

Additionally, in the UK, HOYER Group is the industry leader in fuel and bitumen logistics, and they've partnered with Total Energies. A French multinational integrated energy and petroleum company founded in 1924 and one of the seven supermajor oil companies.

"One of the key reasons why I believe our partnership has been a success is that we have similar values – with safety and sustainability being absolute priorities.

An alignment of values, transparency, and consistently maintaining an open and honest dialogue with each other, are the key ingredients to a successful partnership like HOYER and Total Energies," says Davison.