Founded in 1847, Carlsberg is a Danish multinational brewer that was created by J.C Jacobsen, a believer in quality, research, and serving his community. 

The company's motto is "brewing for a better today and tomorrow", and they're one of the world's leading brewery groups. They have over 140 brands in their beer portfolio, and on top of that, they're sustainable. 

“Together Towards ZERO is our ambitious sustainability program, which aims to help us mitigate long-term risks, tackle global challenges such as climate change, water scarcity, and public health issues, and make the most of opportunities to develop more sustainable products and healthier choices.”

Recently, Carlsberg decided to make a recyclable bottle development, creating a Febre Bottle, which is a bio-based packaging solution that was dreamed up by the business and its partners. 

The first pilot of the bottle will take place as 8,000 of them are sampled across eight Western European markets. 

The bottles will be made from paper with a new innovation that will seal the bottles to make them suitable for carrying liquids. The plant-based PEF polymer lining is a new addition from the company, which it has been working on with Avantium as the lead in renewable chemistry solutions. 

"We're delighted to bring our new Fiber Bottle into the hands of consumers, allowing them to experience it for themselves", says Stephane Munch, VP Group Development at Carlsberg, "this pilot will serve a greater purpose in testing the production, performance, and recycling of this product at scale..”