"From the very beginning, sustainability was at the heart of our hospitality, and we moved forward with this in mind in every aspect of our business," says Ali Ispahani, managing partner at The Stay Hotels.

In the heart of Istanbul, you'll find The Stay, an incredibly beautiful and modern hotel, and additionally, Türkiye's first locally owned and carbon-neutral hotel chain that was founded in 2017 and has just now opened its fifth hotel in Turkey's tourist capital. 

The hotel is small, with vegan leather headboards, a pool tiled with glass bottles, and the sun loungers are made out of recycled wood.

Its designation was awarded by the French Bureau Veritas, which audited its operations and then evaluated them for greenhouse gas verification.

As part of the hotel's commitment to operating sustainably, the company invests in various green-energy projects, ensures its suppliers also operate sustainably, and uses only recycled materials wherever possible.

The Stay's goal is to become a zero-waste operation across all 5 of its hotels by the end of 2022, and Ispahani says he aims for The Stay's commitment to sustainability to inspire other hotels in Türkiye to follow their lead.