Sustainability slowly rose to the very top of the agenda for business leaders all around the world in 2021. 

Now, as we've entered 2022, it's even more clear how much of the green revolution will be funded by investors, capital markets, and banks. 

As companies fight for talent, the number of young people that are actively looking for green jobs continues to grow. In addition, candidates with green skills are being evaluated differently and setting themselves apart. 

When a company's actions and messages are connected to real, authentic, and measurable outcomes, it drives meaningful impact and value for customers and for society as a whole. 

The International Labour Organization has estimated more than 24 million jobs worldwide could be created by the green economy by 2030.

Karin Kimbrough, the chief economist at LinkedIn, highlighted how hiring for the green economy is already in the works. 

In 2015, the ratio of US oil and gas jobs to renewable energy or environment-based jobs was 5:1. In 2020, the ratio moved to 2:1. 

"At this rate of green growth, I expect roles in renewables and the environment to outnumber oil and gas on the social platform by 2023, representing a fundamental shift."- Karin Kimbrough.