Sustainability represents a critical message for businesses to impart to their customers, and this is ramping up in 2022 as the various Government-led net-zero challenges are starting to kick in even more.

James Ramsden, UK & US Executive Creative at London agency Coley Porter Bell says: 

“Sustainability will continue to be one of the biggest trends next year for brands. Consumers will demand that brands turn everything on its head to have the most minimal environmental impact possible.”

Scott Logie, chair of the Customer Engagement Committee of the Data & Marketing Association, builds on this concept that customer decision-making will be now be driven by sustainability. 

“There is a lot of research, including the DMA’s ‘Customer Engagement: Consumer Mindset in Acquisition’ report, which shows that diversity and sustainability are becoming more important to consumers when deciding which brands to buy from. With a higher profile after COP26, younger audiences are increasingly engaging with green concerns, while consumers are demanding that representation is recognized in advertising.”-- Scott Logie

This environmentally-savvy audience exists in both real life and online, and this means events and experiential marketing needs to follow suit.

Petra Smith, managing director of marketing consultancy firm Squirrels & Bears, says,

“Face to face events returning in a more innovative and experiential form focused on sustainability and social value” is one of her three major trends for 2022.