The time to make your business more eco-friendly is now, especially considering consumers are pushing for eco-friendly business practices. Here are some tips for marketing your eco-friendly brand.

Incorporate Your Green Mission Into The Company Culture

It’s one thing to say your business is green but it's a whole other thing for it to actually be green. You want your customers to know that your company is one of integrity and do the things you say you're actually going to do, so before you start green marketing for your eco-friendly business, consider ways to ensure that your business does all it can behind the scenes.

Make Your Office More Efficient

Make it a priority to your office in an energy-efficient way. You can significantly decrease the amount of energy by:

  1. Turn off lights and equipment when not in use.
  2. Install LED (light-emitting diode) "EXIT" signs.
  3. Use available sunlight to illuminate your work spaces.
  4. Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps.
  5. Using green servers.

Encourage Employee Participation

If you want to have a genuine green business, you need to ensure your employees are living by the same code. Encourage employees to reduce their carbon footprints and provide incentives for doing so. Things like giving paid time off for volunteering, or hosting competitions to see which team members can reduce their carbon footprint the most can inspire individuals.

Utilize The Power of Socials 

Being a green company is challenging, so after you determine that your company is truly green, utilize the power of social media to communicate the green initiatives your company embraces. This will help you grow and encourage others to follow in your footsteps.