Supporting sustainable companies is the best way to give back to the environment. While large corporations play a crucial role in sustainability, they can either influence the environment in a positive or a negative way that can and will cause environmental damage. With that being said, here are a few companies that are doing it right.

Estée Lauder

This cosmetics brand sends zero-waste to landfills because their waste is either recycled, or incinerated and then converted into energy.

Business Wire, says the company aims to impact the well-being of over 10 million individuals through programs in regards to health, education and environment.


Ikea's products are made to cut back on people's usage of energy and water. They manufacture products utilizing sustainable materials and approximately 91% of their waste ends up recycled or incinerated into energy.


Unilever controls massive brands such as Knorr, Magnum, Lipton, Dove, and many others. They've been making several environmental efforts and plan to cut their carbon emissions in half by 2030 by encouraging sustainable growth.