"No Planet B: How Can Businesses and Technology Help Save the World?" is a new study that was just released demanding businesses to start focusing on improving their environmental, social, and governance goals to protect the planet. 

This was directed by Savanta Inc. and was in partnership with Oracle. The research stated that global ESG (Environmental, Social, and Government) issues could be solved with technology.

Surveying 11,000 people from 15 countries worldwide, the report shows that 93% of people are stressing over the lack of progress in environmental and social change. 

78% expressed frustration that businesses are not doing enough to meet global sustainability aims.

Additionally, 91% of business leaders struggle to meet ESG goals due to inefficient data-tracking processes and the distraction of human bias. 

93% of surveyed business leaders claimed they believe robots will be better prepared, ethically and emotionally, to make important sustainability decisions as well as predict future outcomes. Also, robots are less likely to make mistakes, which means data can be analyzed after being collected. 

That isn't to say humans won't have a part to play in managing change and making important sustainability decisions. Still, it does suggest that businesses running their sustainability mission on manpower alone will not succeed. On top of that, 88% of survey participants agreed with this.