Global technology corporation, Panasonic, recently released their “Green Impact Goal.” They believe that by reducing their CO2 emissions, they’ll be one step closer to achieving their overall goals. The impact plan is broken down into 4 sections, each one a separate sector of their business, and will focus on decarbonization through specific initiatives and procedures. Panasonic Group aims to create an impact that will reduce more than 300 million tons of CO2, or almost 1% of the current total global emissions, by 2050. 

The sections – Own, Contribution, and Future will all be paired with the Influence section to build a stronger blueprint of the impacts needed. 

  • The Own section will focus on emission reduction in the group value chain with energy-saving initiatives. 
  • The Contribution section will focus on the avoidance of current emissions by existing businesses, with the creation and enhancement initiatives of eco-friendly features to products.
  • The Future section will focus on the avoidance of emissions through new technologies and businesses, with developmental initiatives. 

All the sections will work in tandem with the Influence impact section which focuses on societal energy transformation, supported by their renewable energy initiatives. This initiative will promote clean energy through business and communication activities. 

Panasonic has also created action plans as stepping stones towards their main goal. The current plan, which consists of those 4 impact sections, is the Environmental action plan “GIP 2024” – formulated to make the 2050 goal more feasible. Then, towards 2030, they will make contributions to reduce in-house emissions. 

Currently, they are making efforts to construct zero-CO2 factories that promote saving energy through the introduction and purchase of renewable resources. Through product enhancements, the creation of new technology, the promotion of these energy saving tactics, and developing an eco-conscious work environment, Panasonic has acknowledged the need to transform business impacts on our Earth.