In 2022, the Biden administration said they would be accelerating their efforts to achieve their environmental priorities by moving forward with important regulations in a number of areas. 

Here are a few key environmental policy areas to watch in 2022.


Climate Change

The most significant actions are most likely going to develop in 2022.

For instance, currently, there aren't any regulations on greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants due to several court battles, but the Biden administration is planning on setting some regulations in 2022. 


Methane, which is a powerful greenhouse gas, has now been the subject of increasing regulation for over a decade. Biden's administration has placed finding a new way to crack down on emissions a priority. While past rules have applied to new and modified oil and gas sources, a proposed rule that was issued in November contains new guidelines for existing sources, which are by far the largest contributor in the sector.


Two big water rules are being put in place in 2022, one is defining the scope of the federal government's jurisdiction under the Clean Water Act, and the second is establishing how states and tribes may use their authority under the law to block or stall projects.

The Biden administration says they intend to revise the 2020 Clean Water Act Section 401 Certification Rule after determining that it erodes the authority of states and tribal authorities to block those water-based projects and act as active collaborative partners in water pollution regulation.