There's been a significant increase in consumers demanding environmentally friendly products and services from private sector businesses, both large and small, to implement green policies and strategies within their business plans.

Green policies not only show a company's commitment to environmental responsibility, but they also reduce the carbon footprint, save money, and encourage others to follow in their footsteps. With that being said, here are 3 of them. 

Reduce Packaging

Businesses that are producing products that require plastic packaging can take steps to reduce this packaging by switching over to biodegradable packaging. 

The alternative packaging will make products more attractive to consumers that demand environmentally friendly products.

Promote Remote Work and Carpooling

To encourage employees to reduce their fuel consumption, companies should implement work-from-home and carpooling policies.

Some companies even reward employees who commit to carpooling with discounts to gyms or other green businesses. Employees whose job duties don't require their constant presence at work should have the opportunity to work remotely.

Recycling Programs

Businesses can educate employees about the benefits of recycling, its goals, and methods and in addition to that, companies might consider hiring a part-time recycling coordinator or enlisting the help of a staffer who would enjoy helping the business contribute to a cleaner environment.

To increase employee motivation, companies should post measurable goals and objectives in a central location. Even environmentally apathetic individuals will participate if recycling containers are conveniently placed throughout the building.