Over 100,000 jobs rely on coal mining in Poland, and yet Poland has announced their plans to abandon coal mining to align with the 'Poland's Energy Policy by 2040' strategy.

As of right now, Poland's electricity relies primarily on coal, with hard coal reliance at a whopping 57% and lignite at over 24%. Natural gas constitutes 7.5% of the Polish energy mix, which actually contains almost 9% of energy derived from wind Installations. As a result of this, the country has the worst air quality in the EU.

Recently, Poland lowered its value-added tax on fuels to cushion the impact of insane energy prices on private households throughout the EU because a large proportion of petrol at Polish pumps is sourced from refineries in neighboring Germany, whose fuel prices are 20% higher.

Last year, the Polish Ministry of Climate and Environment introduced a strategic document called 'Poland's Energy Policy by 2040' (PEP2040), which is one of nine integrated strategies from the government's Strategy for Responsible Development.

This document will provide a clear vision of Poland's designs for energy transformation, and it is relevant to its National Reconstruction Plan, PEP2040. With PEP2040 in place, Poland expects greenhouse gas emissions to fall by 30% by 2030.