Salesforce recently introduced Net Zero Marketplace, which is a platform allowing organizations to accelerate climate-positive impact at scale.

With this platform, businesses are going to be able to buy carbon credits from a trusted partner with third-party verification. Built within Salesforce's Commerce Cloud, it integrates directly with the Salesforce Net Zero Cloud sustainability management software application. 

The Net Zero Marketplace will be launching in a few days at the VERGE 22 conference in San Jose, representing 90 projects from various project developers like Cloverly, Climate Impact Partners, Respira International, South Pole and several others.   

Additionally, Calyx Global and Sylvera will be providing third-party ratings using independent verification methodologies. 

"The uptick in extreme weather events shows that no one is spared from climate change — we need smart climate solutions now. Businesses aiming to achieve long-term emission reductions can complement their efforts with high-quality carbon credits. Net Zero Marketplace brings together Salesforce's values, technology, and commitment to ecopreneurs to accelerate climate action," said Suzanne DiBianca, EVP and Chief Impact Officer, Salesforce.